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Student Email

Student email accounts are being moved from to the student NSPES account is needed for student email, Our Cloud storage, and NSPES moodle.


Create Your Account

Students create their own account at the following site:

In order to create their account, students will need their student number and birthdate. Students will also set up a security question and answer in case they forget their password.


Transferring information from the student.ednet account

If a student is currently using their student.ednet email account and they wish to transfer the contents of this account to their NSPES account, they should use this site:


Log in to NSPES Email

Once the account has been created, visit this site to check your email:


Log in to Our Cloud Storage

A cloud storage space is an online storage space students can access using their NSPES email id and password. You can upload and dowload documents, as well as create and share folders with other users of the cloud. This space is available to all staff and students in Nova Scotia and is located on servers at the Nova Scotia Department of Education.


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